Premium Acai Puree

Our product is pure, certified organic, contains no artificial additives, is high in vitamins and minerals and naturally sugar free! Our Acai

Supporting the amazon

We're helping to preserve the Amazon Rainforest and increase profits of local farmers in the region Our Story

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  • health & wellness

    Great for all types of specialty diets. An organic plant-based superfood with healthy fats and 0g of sugars, açaí goes well with virtually all wellness lifestyles (keto, paleo, vegan, gluten free, diabetic, low FODMAP, SIBO-specific, etc...)

  • preserving the environment / rainforest

    Our product is a sustainable forestry resource, so we are helping to preserve the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Every bit of the fruit is used, with each seed either re-planted or contributed to the circular economy.

  • low in sugars

    Did you know? Açaí is one of the only fruits in the world that is naturally sugar free. And we never add any sugars to our mix!

  • Premium quality superfood

    Açaí is known for being a powerful superfood as it is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients.

Our Recipes

Pomegranate Açaí Smoothie Bowl

Are you looking for a smoothie bowl that will keep you full longer? Give the Pomegranate Açaí Smoothie Bowl a try! It is creamy, crunchy, and bound to leave you energized.

Dark Chocolate Açaí Keto Fat Bombs

Are you looking for a new recipe to try? This fun, easy, and flavourful treat is the perfect snack to provide long-lasting energy. Açaí Dark Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs are low in carbohydrates, have zero refined sugars, and are a good source of fat. From the cocoa polyphenols to the açaí purée antioxidants, this snack is packed with nutrition.